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Global.  Sourcing.  At it's best.  That's what we do.



To provide innovative solutions for our customers needs.  We follow industry trends and use our network of key industry experts to foster mutually beneficial relationships. 


Core Values: 


Our values are based on 4 principles:


Insight – Our focus starts with knowledge.  With constantly evolving industries, we believe in the importance of learning, knowledge and information.


Interaction – Our insight leads to productive conversations.  We encourage open communication between our suppliers, OEM’s, and customers.  We believe in transparent business practices, and feel that open lines of communication nurtures strong, long lasting relationships.


Solutions – Our solutions bring value and benefits, both short and long term. 


Social Responsibility – As our organization grows, our efforts to give back to the community will follow.  We are partnering up with local groups who emphasize healthy lifestyles/fitness programs for all age groups








Brian Duangpichakul

University of California, Irvine

B.S Chemistry


Zot Zot.....



Paul Duangpichakul
Logistics and Distribution

University of California, Irvine

B.S Economics


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